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Cleanroom Tacky Mat

Cleanroom Supplies


Autoclavable Biohazard & Disposal Bags

When disposing of potentially hazardous materials, proper containment and disposal is critical. Our biohazard and disposal bags are safe for sterilization by autoclave and feature a hidden graphic that is readable only after proper conditions for sterilization have been achieved. A range of strengths is offered for puncture resistance and to meet individual state requirements.

Tacky Mats

Capture dirt and dust from foot traffic and equipment wheels before they enter your controlled environment. Our tacky mats are multi-layered cleanroom sticky mats with numbered, full-adhesive layers that can be peeled off to reveal new, spotless surface.

Features & Benefits

  • Prevents dirt and dust from entering cleanroom
  • Numbered corner tabs to track remaining sheets
  • Withstands foot and equipment cart traffic
  • Peel-off sheets allow for easy disposal of dirt and debris

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