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Gaskets & O-Rings

Gaskets & O-Rings

Sanitary Gaskets & O-Rings

Gaskets & O-Rings

Though a seemingly small part of your process, gaskets and O-rings can have a big impact when inferior, non-certified materials come into contact with your process stream. To meet the strict demands of our pharmaceutical and biotech end users, we offer two brands of sanitary gaskets and O-rings that are manufactured from lot-traceable, FDA- and USP Class VI-compliant materials.

Accuflow, Flowsmart and Newman products are designed to maintain their mechanical and material characteristics even after undergoing steam-in-place and clean-in-place sterilization. All of our USP Class VI sanitary gaskets are delivered in heat-sealed packaging or plastic cylinders with a Certificate of Compliance.


Platinum-cured Silicone 

Chosen for its purity and non-leaching characteristics, platinum-cured silicone is able to maintain integrity when exposed to many combinations of chemicals. Temperature rated from -80°F to 400°F.  USP Class VI and FDA compliant.

For more information, download our PDF on Silicone Gaskets.



EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) is an abrasion-resistant material that is excellent for use with hot water and steam up to 325°F. EPDM also stands up to mild acids, alkalis and alcohols, as well as ozone, sunlight or weather and de-ionized water. Temperature rated from -65°F to 350°F. USP Class VI and FDA compliant.

For more information, download our EPDM Gaskets PDF



Used in processing pipeline systems, our screen gaskets are made from FDA-compliant silicone, EPDM, Viton®, Buna-N material. Screen inserts feature 316L stainless steel #10 wire mesh or # .033 diameter hole perforated disc. Sized from 1” to 6”, with certification available.

For more product information, download our Screen Gaskets PDF



Made of pure virgin DuPont Teflon, these gaskets are manufactured in a dedicated, temperature-regulated area to provide the highest level of consistency in quality and specifications. Both FDA and USP Class VI compliant, Teflon gaskets are ideal for pharmaceutical, biotech and food and beverage processing.

For more product information, download our Teflon Gaskets PDF.



Our FDA- and USP Class VI-compliant platinum-cured silicone and EPDM O-Rings are delivered with a Certificate of Compliance featuring a traceable batch number and cure date.  Also available in Viton®, Buna-N, CMPD and Kalrez®. Custom molding available.

Learn more by downloading our O-Ring Size & Selection Guide.


Not sure which gasket material to choose for your application? Give us a call!



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