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Instrumentation, Pumps & Process Equipment

Instrumentation, Pumps & Process Equipment

Masterflex Peristaltic Pump

Instrumentation, Pumps & Process Equipment


Masterflex® Products


A trusted name in the biopharmaceutical industry, Masterflex offers a broad range of peristaltic pumps for low- and high-volume applications. Masterflex pumps feature low-maintenance brushless motors for quiet operation and low pulsation. The accurate and easy-to-read LED display shows flow rate, rpm, dispensing volume and interval time. 


Specifically designed for use in peristaltic pumps, Masterflex tubing ensures accurate flow rates and long life in a pump head. With over 22 formulations, you can find the perfect match for your pump system that takes into consideration factors such as chemical compatibility, operating temperature and pressure, regulatory requirements and sterilization method. 


Sanitary Pressure Gauges

Anderson sanitary pressure gauges are expressly designed for autoclave and SIP (steam-in-place) applications. The new compact profile maximizes space in your bioprocess line without sacrificing readability. Manufactured with an all-welded construction and electropolished wetted parts, Anderson sanitary pressure gauges also have the benefit of an externally adjustable span and offset. Contact us for the full range of ordering specifications available.


Pressure Transmitters

Able to withstand the variable conditions common in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, Anderson pressure transmitters have an all-welded construction with patented double O-ring seals to ensure accurate and reliable pressure monitoring. All product contact surfaces are 316L stainless steel and electropolished. The modular construction of Anderson pressure transmitters allows for field customization and lower-cost part replacement. Low-profile, autoclavable and fractional size pressure transmitters also available. Call us for more information on the right choice for your needs.


Temperature Transmitters

Temperature transmitters come in 3 compact, modular styles of all-stainless steel construction with no exposed threads: analog (4-20mA), mini, and “SMART” HART. The analog and “SMART” HART modules can be fitted with a loop-powered display that locally indicated degrees, milliamps and percent output. All prewired transmitters are shipped factory calibrated with NIST traceable certifications.


Tubing Sealer & Welder

C'eal-Flex® TPE Ultra Sealer

Enjoy the convenience of a lightweight, portable TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) tubing sealer with the C’eal-Flex. The only sealer in the market to feature a remote sealer, the C’eal-Flex sealer has a built-in safety lock to ensure uninterrupted operation for consistent and reliable seals. For complete specifications and to order your C'eal-Flex Ultra Sealer, visit our online store. 

Connect-Flex® TPE Tubing Welder

Finally—a TPE tubing welder with only one fixture! The new Connect-Flex welder is the only device on the market that can weld TPE tubing from size 0.375” OD to 0.750” OD without having to change fixtures. Tubing can be welded wet or dry in cycle times of 3 minutes. The Connect-Flex unit’s LCD panel guides operators through the loading, welding and release stages for easier validation. For more details and specifications or to order your Connect-Flex Tubing Welder online, click here


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