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PharMed Biocompatible Tubing

PharMed® BPT Biocompatible Tubing

PharMed® BPT tubing is tough in pumps and cleaning, but gentle on your product. Formulated for repeated autoclave, clean-in-place and steam-in-place (CIP/SIP) cycles, PharMed BPT tubing can also withstand the rigors of peristaltic pumping, with over 30 times the life of silicone tubing. PharMed BPT tubing is also less permeable to vapors and gases than silicone tubing and is opaque to visible and UV light to protect sensitive fluids. For more information, download our PharMed Tubing PDF.

Features & Benefits

  • Temperature Range: -60˚F to 275˚F
  • Up to 30 times the life of silicone tubing in a peristaltic pump
  • Low particulate spallation
  • Withstands repeated cleaning and sterilization by autoclave, CIP, SIP
  • Meets USP Class VI, ISO 10993, FDA and NSF criteria



  • Shear-sensitive Fluid Transfer
  • Diagnostic Test Product Manufacturing
  • Cell Harvest and Media
  • Vaccine Manufacturing
  • Bioreactor Process Lines
  • Filtration and Fermentation
  • Sterile Filling

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