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Sanitary Valves & Spare Parts

Sanitary Valves & Spare Parts

Aquasyn Bonnets & Replacement Diaphragms

Spare Parts


Aquasyn bonnets are manufactured from stainless steel that is machined to exacting tolerances to provide reliable, long-service life. Each bonnet features Tork-Tite feet, which precisely match the profile of the weir on the valve body to provide a fixed diaphragm position, preventing leakage and ensuring consistent flow control. 

Manual Actuator

The manual actuator for Aquasyn valves features an ergonomic, plastic hand wheel for easy operation. Color coding is available on all handles to easily identify specific process lines, changeouts and manufacturing batches. Manual bonnets are also available in a submersible version (sizes ¼” to 2”) for COP applications and are fully drainable, autoclavable and non-galling.

Pneumatic Actuator

Aquasyn’s pneumatic actuators are compact and lightweight with a high cycle life. These pneumatic actuators cover a complete range of automation requirements from basic on/off functioning to precise modulated control.


All Aquasyn diaphragms are molded to precise tolerances for superior life and performance. Aquasyn replacement diaphragms are available in a variety of materials, all of which meet or exceed USP Class VI, ASME-BPE and FDA criteria. Each diaphragm is fully lot traceable and delivered with a Certificate of Conformance. The visible edge of the diaphragm can also be color coded to easily identify specific process lines, changeouts and manufacturing batches. To learn more, download our PDF on Aquasyn Replacement Diaphragms or our Replacement Diaphragm Selection Guide.

Diaphragm materials include:

  • EPDM
  • Fluoropolymer-faced (TFM/1700) EPDM
  • Silicone
  • Ultraz® Fluoroelastomer (white & black)
  • Viton®


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