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Single-Use Disposables

Single-Use Disposables

Custom TPE Tubing Manifold

Tubing & Sampling Manifolds


Bio-Simplex™ manifolds are custom-designed for your process to replace the cumbersome and costly manual assembly of tubing, hose barbs and tie wraps. Delivered fully assembled Bio-Simplex manifolds are ready right out of the bag and can feature any combination of sampling or storage containers and molded connections, including tees, Y’s and reducers. Available gamma irradiated. Call us to design your custom single-use manifold system or view our PDF on Bio-Simplex Custom Manifolds.


Bio-Simplex™ sampling manifolds are ideal for aseptic sampling and sterile additions. The standard 4, 6, 8 or 10 bottle sampling systems feature 60mL bottles with an additional 500mL purge bottle at the end of the manifold. Each leg of the Bio-Simplex manifold has 10 inches of C-FLEX® tubing with a clamp, an EZ Top® container closure, a 0.2 μm vent filter and polyethylene cap. All sampling manifolds are animal-derived component free (ADCF) and pharmaceutical grade, with extremely low levels of extractables. Bio-Simplex systems are compatible with sterile connecting devices and thermal tubing sealers and are delivered double bagged and gamma irradiated, with a carrying tray. Customization is available.

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