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TYGON® ND Non-DEHP Medical Device Tubing

In response to increasing concerns about the use of phthalate plasticizers in producing PVC tubing, Saint-Gobain developed its Tygon® ND series of non-DEHP tubing. Designed for use in critical medical applications, Tygon ND tubing is formulated to meet USP Class VI and REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemical) requirements.

Tygon non-DEHP medical tubing is available in a range of plasticizers (eg, TOTM, DINCH, DOA) and durometers (65 and 80) to meet customer preference and application. For more information, download our product PDF.

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for contact with bodily fluids
  • Withstands EtO, gas & gamma sterilization
  • Non-wetting surface permits complete drainage


  • USP Class VI
  • REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemical)


  • Minimally Invasive Devices
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Blood and IV Solutions
  • Dialysis Equipment
  • Inhalation Equipment
  • Chemotherapy Drug Delivery
  • Pharmaceutical Handling
  • Kidney Dialysis Pumps
  • Peristaltic Pumps

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